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Definition of run off:

Synonyms for run off:

rouse, leave, skip, poop out, catch, implode, gas, jaw, write, rout out, ravage, spill, languish, commit something to paper/writing, rot, burst, blow, macerate, drive out, run down, drive off, absquatulate, fake, scourge, compose, go off, elope, copy, expectorate, disperse, break camp, invert, come off, evict, give out, neutralize, skip out, fire, talk through your hat, arrest, devastate, duplicate, deepen, make off, dispel, gab, lay waste to, break up, liquidate, stop, peter out, retrovert, scatter, come in, wash, abandon, record, contain, waste, babble, run off at the mouth, go, chase away, desolate, dub, squander, shoot off, manufacture, forge, backtrack, double back, dash off, bolt, abscond, decamp, hound, consume, starve out, emaciate, deport, get down, break, exile, take off, pine away, fail, conk out, crest, knock off, chatter, do in, turn out, prattle, course, revert, flee, ware, gobble, bolt out, transcribe, channel, drive away, publish, banish, force out, expire, displace, set down, run out, go over, escape, reverse, copy down, reproduce, empty, waffle, return, clear off, scoot, turn back, put pen to paper, send away, print, regress, dash, dissipate, Xerox, photocopy, vamoose, clear out, gossip, check, counterfeit, note, cast up, expel, hold back, beetle off, neutralise.