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Definition of run-through:

Synonyms for run-through:

devour, summing-up, bomb, exhaust, attack, obliterate, bombard, check, squander, wash up, tire, practice, bury, roundup, occupy, waste, interpret, epitome, eject, bear the cost/expense etc., bear, color, finish, take in, put across, ingest, wipe out, discharge, pass, sweep over, carpet-bomb, rust, polish off, explain, carry out, decimate, clarify, release, take, dry run, follow up, go through, work through, come over, beat, expel, lose, examine, tucker, blitz, invest in, counterattack, follow through, pulse, practise, sweep away, eliminate, rate, carve up, consume, detonate, set out, bomb out, ware, play out, swallow, spend, eat up, rehearsal, summation, digest, sum, synopsis, wear, cancel out, kill, implement, experience, bayonet, abstract, heighten, illustrate, follow out, extinguish, seem, surge, run, carry off, corrode, pay, go across, recapitulation, encapsulation, have, words, put through, dummy run, grow in, breviary, summa, sum-up, rundown, down, feed, fund, put up, rehearse, brush up, deplete, define, eat on, grip, résumé, swallow up, dress rehearsal, bristle with, wrap-up, grow, tucker out, summary, go over, run down, annihilate, conspectus, disburse, sap, engulf, erase, possess, use up, immerse, recap, brief, summarization, walk through, précis, eat, inventory, lay out, see, capsule, pay out, eradicate, tend, outline, finance.