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Definition of runaway:

  1. Accomplished by running away or elopement, or during flight; as, a runaway marriage.
  2. One who, or that which, flees from danger, duty, restraint, etc.; a fugitive.
  3. Running away; fleeing from danger, duty, restraint, etc.; as, runaway soldiers; a runaway horse.
  4. The act of running away, esp. of a horse or teams; as, there was a runaway yesterday.
  5. Very successful; accomplishing success quickly; as, a runaway bestseller.
  6. Won by a long lead; as, a runaway victory.


beyond restraint, fugitive, hoyden, gambol, running, caper, loose, jamboree, escaping, on the run, seek, laugher, walkaway, tomboy, escaped, delinquent, escapee, play, easy, uncontrolled, wild, win, gala affair, gala, fugitive from justice, romp, out of hand, frolic, walkover, disorderly, blowout, shoo-in, on the lam, out of control, on the loose, refugee, fleer.

Usage examples: