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Definition of saccharine:

  1. A trade name for benzoic sulphinide.
  2. Of or pertaining to sugar; having the qualities of sugar; producing sugar; sweet; as, a saccharine taste; saccharine matter.


sentimental, gooey, novelettish, sloppy, sappy, taste, theatrical, fruity, insinuating, sugary, schmaltzy, pain, ingratiating, hysterics, sticky, honeyed, sweet, ingratiatory, candied, chocolate-box, lovey-dovey, sugarcoated, slushy, histrionics, syrupy, soppy, spoony, honied, wet, mawkish, maudlin, viscous, theatricals, melodrama, cloying, drippy, soupy, treacly, mushy.

Usage examples: