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Definition of sacking:

  1. of Sack
  2. Stout, coarse cloth of which sacks, bags, etc., are made.


lighting, paper bag, pay off, ease out, plush, spillage, freeing, sac, emission, sackful, acquittance, bagging, hammock, loss, electric discharge, twill, lay off, expelling, exit, venting, suiting, tulle, waiver, release, organza, poke, going, sack, dismissal, outlet, pocket, sacque, shift, sackcloth, press release, give someone notice, discharge, pink slip, retire, button, dismission, passing, liberation, firing off, moquette, judgment of dismissal, carrier bag, inflammation, judgement of dismissal, run, chemise, spill, departure, spark, arc, pension off, tone ending, firing, handout, electric arc, outpouring, kindling, expiration, ignition, dismiss, vent, satin, sheeting, fire, pouch.

Usage examples: