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Definition of salmagundi:

  1. A mixture of chopped meat and pickled herring, with oil, vinegar, pepper, and onions.
  2. Hence, a mixture of various ingredients; an olio or medley; a potpourri; a miscellany.


variety show, diversity, botch, litter, muddle, agglomerate, jambalaya, salad, sort, potpourri, categorisation, diverseness, ragout, hodgepodge, gallimaufry, form, collect, miscellany, mixing, miscellanea, welter, agglomeration, change, alphabet soup, mélange, rummage, conglomeration, mixture, medley, commixture, menagerie, classification, crazy quilt, stew, patchwork quilt, jungle, compartmentalisation, mixed bag, shuffle, farrago, intermixture, montage, ragbag, clutter, mishmash, assortment, hotchpotch, olio, variety, categorization, hash, scramble, concoction, gumbo, mix, motley, pastiche, garland, smorgasbord, collage, admixture, multifariousness, macédoine, patchwork, grab bag, jumble, tumble, kind, florilegium, olla podrida, compartmentalization, omnium-gatherum.

Usage examples: