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Definition of sampler:

  1. A pattern; a specimen; especially, a collection of needlework patterns, as letters, borders, etc., to be used as samples, or to display the skill of the worker.
  2. One who makes up samples for inspection; one who examines samples, or by samples; as, a wool sampler.


bale, arsenal, taster, audiovisual, agglomeration, bevy, taste-tester, battery, darning, mending, darn, CD, bank, dub in, batch, alteration, slice, selection, assemblage, needlework, audiotape, assembly, embroidery, dub, applique, dub out, celluloid, DAT, Dictaphone, tastetester, chain stitch, document, needlepoint, cross-stitch, sampling, sampling station, assortment, cross section.

Usage examples: