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Definition of sanguine:

  1. Anticipating the best; not desponding; confident; full of hope; as, sanguine of success.
  2. Anything of a blood- red color, as cloth.
  3. Blood color; red.
  4. Bloodstone.
  5. Characterized by abundance and active circulation of blood; as, a sanguine bodily temperament.
  6. Having the color of blood; red.
  7. Red crayon. See the Note under Crayon, 1.
  8. To stain with blood; to impart the color of blood to; to ensanguine.
  9. Warm; ardent; as, a sanguine temper.


reddish, carmine, cerise, aureate, cherry, healthy, florid, flush, flamboyant, red, colors, ruby-red, ruddy, optimistic, flushed, cherry-red, roseate, blooming, rose-colored, full-blooded, scarlet, Panglossian, rubicund, hope, crimson, rosy, ruby, blood-red, upbeat, glowing.

Usage examples: