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Definition of sassy:

Synonyms for sassy:

unfermented, voguish, presuming, space-age, reinvigorated, wise, cocksure, judicious, advanced, brash, novel, heady, overbold, familiar, hip, refreshing, vital, refreshed, ill-mannered, extraneous, smart-alecky, offensive, brazen, abrasive, malapert, discourteous, futuristic, snotty-nosed, knowing, rude, orthogonal, snippy, assumptive, pushy, arch, unused, new, impudent, assuming, dynamic, uppish, smart, contemporary, lively, insolent, brassbound, pert, modernistic, uppity, clean, up-to-the-minute, state-of-the-art, immaterial, refreshful, snippety, brazen-faced, impolite, vigorous, irreverent, cheeky, energetic, fresh, contumelious, chic, bracing, forward, modern, nervy, brassy, bright, attitude, saucy, tonic, bold-faced, overconfident, sweet, cocky, alive, boldfaced, ahead of your/its etc. time, active, invigorated, animated, bold, presumptuous, flip, wise to, assumptive, courtesy, impertinent, brisk, audacious.

Usage examples: