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Definition of satisfy:

  1. In general, to fill up the measure of a want of ( a person or a thing); hence, to grafity fully the desire of; to make content; to supply to the full, or so far as to give contentment with what is wished for.
  2. To answer or discharge, as a claim, debt, legal demand, or the like; to give compensation for; to pay off; to requite; as, to satisfy a claim or an execution.
  3. To free from doubt, suspense, or uncertainty; to give assurance to; to set at rest the mind of; to convince; as, to satisfy one's self by inquiry.
  4. To give satisfaction; to afford gratification; to leave nothing to be desired.
  5. To make payment or atonement; to atone.
  6. To pay to the extent of claims or deserts; to give what is due to; as, to satisfy a creditor.


retaliate, square, provide, accomplish, induce, come across, receive, conform to, animate, rejoice, win over, befriend, equip, convince, revenge, persuade, recompense, pay, occupy, enthrall, tickle, amuse, content, reciprocate, indulge, run across, propitiate, flatter, assure, fulfil, surfeit, elate, liquidate, complete, forgather, do, conciliate, settle with, contact, carry out, run into, gather, entertain, take, avenge, neglect, captivate, settle, fill, match, pay off, take on, fulfill, come up to, inveigle, action, encounter, assuage, observe, remunerate, fill up, avail, make merry, see, requite, foregather, humor, qualify, answer, perform, fascinate, assemble, suffer, return, live up to, disburse, quit, punish, adjoin, get by, persuasion, converge, carry through, discharge, capture, repay, touch, give, cloy, clear up, make full, reward, get together, execute, replete, compensate, meet, furnish, suffice, cope with, comfort, pain, clear, gratify, gladden, enliven, comply with, play, pander.

Usage examples: