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Definition of saturation:

  1. Freedom from mixture or dilution with white; purity; - said of colors.
  2. The act of saturating, or the state of being saturating; complete penetration or impregnation.
  3. The act, process, or result of saturating a substance, or of combining it to its fullest extent.


intensity, fecundation, wring, intensiveness, superabundance, overload, suffusion, packed, color, cramped, permeation, soak, jammed, bond, impregnation, balanced equation, pervasion, behave, plethora, full, calcify, soaking, engorgement, action, assay, wipe up, congestion, saturate, teeming, wet, fertilization, the carbon cycle, vividness, dry, hose, bulging, squirt, intensity level, behavior, colour, congested, fertilisation, volume, dense, dampen, adsorb, strength, busy, chroma, moisten, aerate, loudness, crowded.

Usage examples: