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Definition of sauce:

  1. A composition of condiments and appetizing ingredients eaten with food as a relish; especially, a dressing for meat or fish or for puddings; as, mint sauce; sweet sauce, etc.
  2. A soft crayon for use in stump drawing or in shading with the stump.
  3. Any garden vegetables eaten with meat.
  4. Sauciness; impertinence.
  5. Stewed or preserved fruit eaten with other food as a relish; as, apple sauce, cranberry sauce, etc.
  6. To accompany with something intended to give a higher relish; to supply with appetizing condiments; to season; to flavor.
  7. To cause to relish anything, as if with a sauce; to tickle or gratify, as the palate; to please; to stimulate; hence, to cover, mingle, or dress, as if with sauce; to make an application to.
  8. To make poignant; to give zest, flavor or interest to; to set off; to vary and render attractive.
  9. To treat with bitter, pert, or tart language; to be impudent or saucy to.


tipple, assumption, booze, sauciness, brassiness, brashness, temerity, face, cocktail, spirits, liquor, discourtesy, boldness, familiarity, effrontery, impudence, uppishness, catsup, sass, audacity, aspic, cup, lush, crust, do, forwardness, cheekiness, brazenness, impudency, potable, rum, gravy, attitude, pertness, moonshine, strong drink, inebriant, aperitif, alcohol, barbecue sauce, double, mouth, broth, John Barleycorn, drink, bottle, ardent spirits, incivility, gall, firewater, hooch, stimulant, appetizer, chutzpah, coulis, rudeness, dram, pushiness, disrespect, courtesy, aioli, chaser, presumption, impertinence, conserve, sassiness, uppityness, nerviness, dip, grog, brass, juice, intoxicant, overconfidence, act, backchat, food, audaciousness, insolence, balsamic vinegar, bouillon cube, belt, cheek, behave, nerve, aqua vitae, presumptuousness.

Usage examples: