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Definition of scandalize:

  1. To offend the feelings or the conscience of ( a person) by some action which is considered immoral or criminal; to bring shame, disgrace, or reproach upon.
  2. To reproach; to libel; to defame; to slander.


profane, speak ill of, wound, hold up to scorn, traumatize, breach, injure, transgress, go against, offend, revile, break, dismay, floor, appal, blackball, deprecate, horrify, take aback, traumatise, asperse, scandalise, dishonour, decry, depreciate, rape, sneer at, embarrass, severely criticize, infract, alarm, bruise, lampoon, belittle, appall, disparage, run down, spite, outrage, hurt, desecrate, ball over, ravish, violate, backbite, condemn, blackguard, right, blow out of the water, pique, shock, assault.

Usage examples: