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Definition of scoff:

  1. An object of scorn, mockery, or derision.
  2. Derision; ridicule; mockery; derisive or mocking expression of scorn, contempt, or reproach.
  3. To show insolent ridicule or mockery; to manifest contempt by derisive acts or language; - often with at.
  4. To treat or address with derision; to assail scornfully; to mock at.


pasquinade, jibe, fit, mockery, inspire, sendup, correspond, root on, urge on, flout, urge, scoffing, pep up, scout, put-on, spoof, cheer, check, lampoon, jeer, jeering, match, barrack, respect, takeoff, twit, laugh, laughter, poke fun at, fling, tally, quiz, gibe, travesty, charade, exhort, parody, agree.

Usage examples: