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Definition of scope:

  1. Extended area.
  2. Length; extent; sweep; as, scope of cable.
  3. Room or opportunity for free outlook or aim; space for action; amplitude of opportunity; free course or vent; liberty; range of view, intent, or action.
  4. That at which one aims; the thing or end to which the mind directs its view; that which is purposed to be reached or accomplished; hence, ultimate design, aim, or purpose; intention; drift; object.
  5. To look at for the purpose of evaluation; usually with out; as, to scope out the area as a camping site.


reaching, grasp, swing, study, mountain range, backdrop, chain of mountains, check over, realm, orbital cavity, situation, review, background, desktop, reach, confines, opening, climate, background knowledge, ambit, cooking stove, mountain chain, cranial orbit, go over, possibilities, capacity, expanse, check, kitchen range, inspect, breadth, oscilloscope, domain, width, break, study at range, arena, celestial orbit, scrutinize, position, horizon, eye socket, cathode-ray oscilloscope, chance, opportunity, purview, examine, restraint, play, knowledge, monitor, background signal, mise en scene, screen background, state of affairs, range, context, CRO, ken, setting, ground, telescope, place, backcloth, compass, event, kitchen stove, ability, conditions, amplitude, mount, scene, sweep, orbit, extension, circumstance, choice, the initiative, stage setting, see, access, sphere, elbowroom, image, stove, electron orbit, range of a function, place setting, window of opportunity, margin, latitude, range of mountains, chain, environment.

Usage examples: