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Definition of scrag:

  1. A ragged, stunted tree or branch.
  2. A rawboned person.
  3. Something thin, lean, or rough; a bony piece; especially, a bony neckpiece of meat; hence, humorously or in contempt, the neck.
  4. To seize, pull, or twist the neck of; specif., to hang by the neck; to kill by hanging.


drop dead, pop off, conk, congest, pass away, back up, gag, croak, fret, go, choke, skin and bones, suffocate, die, foul, exit, thin person, decease, garotte, strangle, perish, scrag end, clog up, clog, choke off, snuff it, pass, cash in one's chips, garrotte, expire, asphyxiate, stifle, garrote, kick the bucket, give-up the ghost, throttle, buy the farm.

Usage examples: