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Definition of scream:

  1. A sharp, shrill cry, uttered suddenly, as in terror or in pain; a shriek; a screech.
  2. To cry out with a shrill voice; to utter a sudden, sharp outcry, or shrill, loud cry, as in fright or extreme pain; to shriek; to screech.


outcry, shrieking, crab, debauch, roar, squawk, weep, blazon out, bang, shout out, rioting, forebode, call up, tremble, clash, beef, name, hollo, shrink, blackguard, clapperclaw, bacchanalia, cry, chant, grouse, prognosticate, squall, riot, knee-slapper, promise, bitch, shriek, ejaculate, laugh, yell, drunken revelry, public violence, anticipate, rage, screaming, bellyache, hoot, clank, waul, boom, screeching, call off, back away, thigh-slapper, hyperventilate, abuse, howler, recoil, beep, clamour, crack, cower, cringe, sidesplitter, gripe, peep, telephone, holler out, foretell, blast, wawl, send for, screak, bid, blare, guffaw, call in, burst, phone, pop, clang, call out, visit, creaking, screech, orgy, bleep, howler monkey, click, clack, cacophony, clink, wow, address, debauchery, predict, shrill, cry out, belly laugh, bellow, call, holler, vociferate, bacchanal, bolt, ring, show, plop, saturnalia.

Usage examples: