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Definition of scribble:

  1. Hasty or careless writing; a writing of little value; a scrawl; as, a hasty scribble.
  2. To card coarsely; to run through the scribbling machine.
  3. To fill or cover with careless or worthless writing.
  4. To write hastily or carelessly, without regard to correctness or elegance; as, to scribble a letter.
  5. To write without care, elegance, or value; to scrawl.


incision, sugar, abrasion, scraping, scratch line, dinero, wampum, scratching, lettuce, gelt, cabbage, scrawl, prick, moolah, dough, boodle, lolly, kale, grope for, bread, scrape, chicken feed, clams, scar, cacography, lucre, dent, shekels, doodle, scrabble, start, starting line, scratch, simoleons, pelf, excoriation, loot, slit, handwriting, mark.

Usage examples: