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Definition of scuff:

  1. The back part of the neck; the scruff.
  2. To walk without lifting the feet; to proceed with a scraping or dragging movement; to shuffle.


galumph, drop back, tromp, sound, walk, flounder, drag on, hang back, clump, sweep up, trail, injure, clomp, barge, slough, slog, hale, stride, stray, pound, mules, stomp, stamp, drag in, step, stump, puff, scuffle, tangle, cart, drop behind, stroll, drag, tramp, take its toll, move, hike, amble, sweep, mule, dredge, trudge, scuffs, haul, flog, shuffle, get behind, plod, drag out, draw, saunter, graze, harm, stumble, wander, trek, embroil, lump, shamble, noise.

Usage examples: