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Definition of scupper:

  1. An opening cut through the waterway and bulwarks of a ship, so that water falling on deck may flow overboard; - called also scupper hole.


loaf, throw/pour cold water on something, cross, foil, scuttle, uncover, ambush, lurk, bushwhack, disclose, menace, thwart, demoralize, shipwreck, imperil, footle, still-hunt, mill about, let out, founder, scotch, threaten, endanger, linger, discourage, disillusion, reveal, salvage, disappoint, lollygag, tarry, loiter, hang around, discover, baffle, wreck, expose, waylay, let on, bring out, frustrate, spoil, break, wear down, give away, cast a shadow over something, display, exhibit, lounge, dash someone's hopes, peril, lallygag, skulk, lie in wait, raise, bilk, ambuscade, shipwrecked, get down, keel over, jeopardise, unwrap, mill around, mess about, jeopardize, let down, queer, debunk, divulge.

Usage examples: