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Definition of see to it:

Synonyms for see to it:

find out, pick up, contain, cover, go steady, hear, jibe, chequer, regard, moderate, go over, delay, consider, see, take care, check into, figure, manipulate, insure, checker, construe, catch, look, reassure, discover, get wind, project, mark off, experience, get word, check up on, operate, date, fancy, realize, curb, gibe, attend, reckon, master, check out, escort, suss out, image, run into, meet, command, witness, promise, control, agree, mark, ensure, retard, train, view, assure, check, picture, discipline, visualise, hold, envision, determine, run across, interpret, guarantee, take in, check over, tell, encounter, come across, tick, fit, watch, stop, condition, hold back, visit, match, find, understand, examine, underwrite, secure, tick off, verify, realise, arrest, crack, get a line, tally, correspond, keep in line, check off, learn, look into, hold in, break, ascertain, go out, turn back, visualize, go through.