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Definition of seek:

  1. Sick.
  2. To go in search of; to look for; to search for; to try to find.
  3. To inquire for; to ask for; to solicit; to bessech.
  4. To make search or inquiry: to endeavor to make discovery.
  5. To try to acquire or gain; to strive after; to aim at; as, to seek wealth or fame; to seek one's life.
  6. To try to reach or come to; to go to; to resort to.


judge, sample, research, assay, look, anticipate, taste, start, attempt, try on, look for, run after, render, test, look to, set about, go after, try out, fish for, prove, try, adjudicate, essay, dig out, look up, cast about, root out, hear, search, hunt up, strain, stress.

Usage examples: