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Definition of seize:

  1. To bind or fasten together with a lashing of small stuff, as yarn or marline; as, to seize ropes.
  2. To fall or rush upon suddenly and lay hold of; to gripe or grasp suddenly; to reach and grasp.
  3. To fasten; to fix.
  4. To grap with the mind; to comprehend fully and distinctly; as, to seize an idea.
  5. To invade suddenly; to take sudden hold of; to come upon suddenly; as, a fever seizes a patient.
  6. To take possession of by force.
  7. To take possession of by virtue of a warrant or other legal authority; as, the sheriff seized the debtor's goods.


incorporate, net, pluck, claim, snap up, lay hands on, intercept, discern, over, color, confine, leave, hold up, put on, cure, pulse, walk off with, reserve, clench, set aside, prehend, bind, detain, storm, presume, catch up, kidnap, press, snaffle, regulate, make out, overcome, behold, rap, compass, absorb, becharm, come over, loot, catch on, bust, surge, decode, inhibit, invade, clinch, rob, glom, enfold, acquire, bond, force, enclose, keep down, buy out, reach, stop, see, appropriate, fascinate, control, hold on, pass by, withdraw, enamor, nick, know, take for granted, allow, take on, overpower, register, grow, attack, jerk, intuit, clutch, take into custody, conquer, bag, take hold of, assimilate, heighten, wear, perceive, arrogate, don, lift, hang on, sequester, keep hold of something, trance, law, annex, capture, encroach, entrance, grok, take over, conceive, ambush, engulf, assign, run, hook, curb, nail, subdue, snag, snap, purloin, set apart, restrict, nobble, mug, plunder, limit, borrow, dig, strike, stick up, throttle, go off with, assume, swipe, simulate, determine, lay hold of, take up, overrun, run in, get into, pound, bewitch, carry off, carry, deprive, exact, make prisoner, commandeer, nab, seclude, convert, make, decipher, repossess, stamp down, sense, charm, pinch, rape, hold close, get through, twig, pick up, take prisoner, attach, restrain, subjugate, sequestrate, hold tight, keep apart, buy up, bear, steal, enamour, grab, appreciate, contact, run away with, earmark, rustle, hijack, pull in, pounce, cradle, give, recapture, requisition, beguile, cop, confiscate, savvy, suppress, trap, impound, tumble, retake, besiege, sham, claw, wrench, cull, overwhelm, corral, repeat, contain, help yourself to something, adopt, sweep over, enchant, preempt, hold fast, burgle, relieve, lay claim, wring, recognize, isolate, tie, usurp, expropriate, squeeze, accept, cotton, cognize, help oneself to, captivate, land, get hold of, pirate, understand, cling to, feign.

Usage examples: