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Definition of seizure:

  1. Retention within one's grasp or power; hold; possession; ownership.
  2. That which is seized, or taken possession of; a thing laid hold of, or possessed.
  3. The act of seizing, or the state of being seized; sudden and violent grasp or gripe; a taking into possession; as, the seizure of a thief, a property, a throne, etc.


invade, commandeering, health, rapture, annex, gaining control, storm, give, bout, get, occupy, pinch, assumption, flare-up, conquer, convulsion, seize, episode, ictus, arrogation, illness, raptus, capture, subjugate, breakout, attack, turn, pickup, preemption, access, ecstasy, relapse, subdue, bust, collar, spell, expropriation, exaltation, fit, case, clutch, detainer, transport, snatch, usurpation, suppress, takeover, catch, besiege, law, breakdown, siege, grab.

Usage examples: