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Definition of seminary:

  1. A piece of ground where seed is sown for producing plants for transplantation; a nursery; a seed plat.
  2. A place of education, as a scool of a high grade, an academy, college, or university.
  3. A Roman Catholic priest educated in a foreign seminary; a seminarist.
  4. Belonging to seed; seminal.
  5. Fig.: A seed bed; a source.
  6. Hence, the place or original stock whence anything is brought or produced.
  7. Seminal state.


institute, grad school, academe, college, academia, alma mater, graduate school, community college, business school, faculty, academy, school, theological school.

  • schools (part of speech: noun)
    • church school, 
    • comp, 
    • charm school, 
    • boarding school, 
    • comprehensive school, 
    • convent school, 
    • conservatory

Usage examples: