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Definition of sensation:

  1. A purely spiritual or psychical affection; agreeable or disagreeable feelings occasioned by objects that are not corporeal or material.
  2. A state of excited interest or feeling, or that which causes it.
  3. An impression, or the consciousness of an impression, made upon the central nervous organ, through the medium of a sensory or afferent nerve or one of the organs of sense; a feeling, or state of consciousness, whether agreeable or disagreeable, produced either by an external object ( stimulus), or by some change in the internal state of the body.


one, thaumaturge, gumption, booster, sense experience, unity, virtuoso, sensory faculty, headliner, stupor, genius, fighter, star, sense datum, supporter, sense, to-do, flair, wiz, brouhaha, asterisk, single, aesthesis, whizz, good sense, stir, mastermind, protagonist, signified, whiz, superstar, sorcerer, wizardry, brainiac, star topology, brain, hoo-hah, sensitivity, horse sense, ace, good, wonderment, thought, maven, adept, excite, mavin, sensitiveness, necromancer, hero, title-holder, champion, common sense, susceptibility, sentiency, lead, sense impression, uproar, angiotensin-converting enzyme, astonishment, sensibility, mother wit, thaumaturgist, admirer, brilliance, paladin, wizard, apathy, principal, friend, hotshot, sentience, champ, esthesis.

Usage examples: