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Definition of sentinel:

  1. A marine crab ( Podophthalmus vigil) native of the Indian Ocean, remarkable for the great length of its eyestalks; - called also sentinel crab.
  2. One who watches or guards; specifically ( Mil.), a soldier set to guard an army, camp, or other place, from surprise, to observe the approach of danger, and give notice of it; a sentry.
  3. To furnish with a sentinel; to place under the guard of a sentinel or sentinels.
  4. To watch over like a sentinel.
  5. Watch; guard.


vigil, pathfinder, observatory, safety, pale, beefeater, observation post, attack dog, doorkeeper, gatekeeper, custodian, ward, guard, spotter, watchman, bodyguard, lookout station, guide, piquet, guard, protector, talent scout, gamekeeper, sentry, bruiser, watch, lookout, lookout man, picket, outlook, caretaker, scout, awareness, concierge, finder, observation tower, ticker, discoverer.

Usage examples: