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Definition of serious:

  1. Grave in manner or disposition; earnest; thoughtful; solemn; not light, gay, or volatile.
  2. Hence, giving rise to apprehension; attended with danger; as, a serious injury.
  3. Important; weighty; not trifling; grave.
  4. Really intending what is said; being in earnest; not jesting or deceiving.


safe, intellectual, practiced, in effect, unspoiled, attitude, laborious, drab, monstrous, earnest, thoughtful, unspoilt, dear, important, sensible, no-nonsense, knockout, sobersided, unplayful, weighty, proficient, austere, well, heartbreaking, heavy, just, estimable, dangerous, near, in force, real, sobering, stark, sober, staid, skillful, sincere, wicked, honorable, upright, capital, respectable, grievous, sedate, full, difficult, severe, sombre, businesslike, easy, help, ripe, pressing, work, overserious, flagitious, grave, skilful, sound, expert, life-threatening, critical, somber, salutary, arduous, tall, atrocious, adept, effective, in earnest, right, terrible, of import, secure, heartrending, hard, beneficial, uphill, dependable, unsafe, good, spartan, undecomposed, honest, solemn.

Usage examples: