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Definition of serpentine:

  1. A kind of ancient cannon.
  2. A mineral or rock consisting chiefly of the hydrous silicate of magnesia. It is usually of an obscure green color, often with a spotted or mottled appearance resembling a serpent's skin. Precious, or noble, serpentine is translucent and of a rich oil- green color.
  3. Resembling a serpent; having the shape or qualities of a serpent; subtle; winding or turning one way and the other, like a moving serpent; anfractuous; meandering; sinuous; zigzag; as, serpentine braid.
  4. To serpentize.


windy, twisted, bending, curling, snakelike, parallel, anfractuous, diagonal, straight, longitudinal, curved, curvy, ridged, continuous, crazy, flexuous, solid, repetition, sinuous, curving, meandrous, linear, snaky, curled, oblique, sinuous.

Usage examples: