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Definition of server:

  1. A tray for dishes; a salver.
  2. One who serves.


EDI, client-server, center forward, barista, host, database server, legion, acolyte, horde, ballplayer, boy, busboy, garçon, boniface, Bible thumper, benefice, extranet, dinner service, cutlery, beadle, barman, Christendom, Calvinism, innkeeper, cruet, back, Benedictine, china, blue, emcee, colocation, dishes, barkeeper, center, busser, bone china, head waiter, dishwasher, backfield, barmaid, account name, club, bartender, Amish, connect up, crocks, end system, Baptist, master of ceremonies, waitperson, canteen, Ethernet, bouncer, all-American, waiter, earthenware, command, Anglican, crockery, conference.

Usage examples: