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Definition of set down:

  1. A rebuke that quiets or silences.


fell, overleap, cast, dismiss, report, fall away, drop away, sink, go by, deject, fall behind, tell, fall asleep, lose, shake off, discharge, flake out, count, destroy, light, omit, complete, reckon, exhaust, clear, degenerate, disembark, start, take down, dispirit, drop off, sit, order, hold, let down, compose, demoralise, debark, pretermit, demoralize, acquit, rate, expense, associate, drift off, copy down, bring, buckle up, note, call, account, put-down, shed, hive off, commence, look, empty, block in, deteriorate, shore, set out, nod off, esteem, set ashore, jot, change down, set, begin, slip, unhorse, devolve, dope off, start out, doze off, fire, overlook, instruct, order around, cut down, unlade, get off, send packing, spend, eject, muster out, disgrace, write, offload, dispatch, dismay, dictate, strike down, depress, throw away, exculpate, unload, land, drop, degrade, view, compartmentalize, swing, enter, leave out, log, muse, dribble, drowse off, lower, release, box in, miss, neglect, shoot down, get, cast down, down, write out, sentimentalize, go off, recede, free, record, command, tax with, register, repose, back up, write-down, dismount, set about, knock off, boss around, carve up, throw, require, assoil, send away, bring down, mark, dangle, get down, demean, see, lay, swallow, throw off, write off, put pen to paper, exonerate, bypass, expend, flatten, cast off, commit something to paper/writing, car-pool, drop down, fall back, place down, isolate, bus, regard, carry, drip, push around, transcribe, expel.