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Definition of set off:

  1. A counterclaim; a cross debt or demand; a distinct claim filed or set up by the defendant against the plaintiff's demand.
  2. Same as Offset, n., 4.
  3. See Offset, 7.
  4. That which is set off against another thing; an offset.
  5. That which is used to improve the appearance of anything; a decoration; an ornament.


agitate, take off, activate, introduce, issue, deviate, originate, have a fit, startle, egg on, lift off, produce, commove, set, expand, publish, break loose, burst, pop, separate, inflate, disclose, spark, get off, set apart, fly off the handle, lard, give away, start, diverge, unwrap, begin, inspire, foment, break, embark on, inflame, get down, contrast, come out, blow one's stack, expose, set forth, scrub, straggle, set about, lay out, puff up, quit, aerate, hit the roof, go away, digress, get, burst forth, sparkle, blow a fuse, dramatize, shake up, take time off, flip one's lid, embroider, deduct, trigger, let on, heat, divulge, stumble, bulge, strike down, explode, split, ignite, pop out, break up, reveal, throw a fit, lead off, turn on, embellish, depart, initiate, get off the ground, range, trip, enlarge, lose one's temper, touch off, cancel, split up, commence, expound, trip out, propel, release, offset, sidetrack, scratch, take leave, prod, trigger off, fire up, get going, puff, combust, protrude, aggrandize, magnify, detonate, let out, leave, bring on, jump, motivate, put out, spark off, jaunt, bulge out, bring out, vex, part, pad, disturb, dramatise, start up, puff out, go, get out, aggrandise, raise up, amplify, travel, incite, invalidate, call off, take up, have kittens, delete, go ballistic, move, wake, exposit, flip one's wig, set out, pull up stakes, instigate, unveil, uncover, stir up, irrupt, discover, divide, disunite, prompt, countervail, start out, actuate, blow up, hit the ceiling, subtract, bug out, vary, array, trip up.