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Definition of set up:

  1. A number of things of the same kind, ordinarily used or classed together; a collection of articles which naturally complement each other, and usually go together; an assortment; a suit; as, a set of chairs, of china, of surgical or mathematical instruments, of books, etc.


inclose, plunge, support, bring about, fix, put forward, repair, flip-flop, think ahead, lay, board, close, pay back, trigger, start up, show, go under, peddle, confect, institute, tilt, vend, enhance, provoke, allege, secure, restore, arouse, attach, found, set in motion, trammel, jell, settle down, couch, store, instal, tack on, range, put in, specify, ground, get up, flip, introduce, fructify, advance, evoke, kick upstairs, upgrade, populate, tag on, fasten, play along, hire, dictate, cook, stage, enjoin, sterilize, hang on, pay, enkindle, base, typeset, effectuate, come on, effect, contribute, piece, settle, grade, upend, domiciliate, disconnect, suffer, devise, digest, call forth, adjust, arrive, redact, lay down, orchestrate, emplace, set out, prosecute, append, arrange, indict, shift, organise, stash away, start off, stomach, interchange, fabricate, pitch, parent, leaven, plan, desexualize, slope, invest in, inject, order, cut in, go down, rank, house, toss, pay out, stack away, deliver, tack, heighten, break in, define, interject, implicate, submit, engage, take on, fake, shew, can, lay out, groom, determine, levy, posit, hold, brook, establish, innovate, open, squat, invoke, lurch, place, sign, lay in, dream up, hawk, plant, come from, consecrate, appoint, rate, situate, coiffe, provide, bushel, originate, elicit, mark, ordain, live, post, get together, extend, doctor, stand, resurrect, play out, catalyze, see, grow, hive away, spend, frame up, fixate, barge in, prepare, chisel in, get, nibble, represent, stick out, recruit, stick in, sic, bump into, pick, offer, fund, insert, say, begin, border, prefer charges (against someone), rise, snare, tack together, furbish up, forgather, bring before, meet, rig, call down, go into, pioneer, raise, impeach, patch, alarm, position, dispose, trap, patronize, demonstrate, organize, invent, put, set, constitute, slant, baste, run into, localise, promote, desex, rear, constituted, conjure up, monger, fit out, create, meet up, start, fire, employ, initiate, stir, form, ordinate, regularise, bring up, build, incorporate, frame in, touch on, machinate, throw in, inhabit, commit, install, dress, nurture, chime in, switch, pretend, regularize, bear the cost/expense etc., upraise, inaugurate, develop, depose, abide, come in, array, manipulate, congeal, reside, coiffure, coif, assemble, cast, go up, produce, conjure, govern, launch, tell, erect, make up, unsex, draw up, established, make, localize, put up, pose, gear, retain, fix up, prove, compose, incline, train, ensnare, endure, interpose, move into, do, throw up, correct, regulate, encounter, pay for, cant over, deposit, nominate, charge, convene, sign on, bring someone up on charges of something, tolerate, tin, cure, mend, set off, wear round, choreograph, map out, tease, educate, accuse, desexualise, connect, kindle, gather, bear, construct, disburse, hook into, frame, elevate, ready, finance, automate, lift, foregather, prescribe, present, fit, butt in, rehab, alternate, cant, give, rise up, format, assign, put together, farm, sterilise, keep up, countersink, entrap, enclose, finalize, gear up, rehabilitate, stick, pay off, invest, limit, confirm, sky, come across, salt away, simulate, huckster.