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Definition of severance:

  1. The act of dividing; the singling or severing of two or more that join, or are joined, in one writ; the putting in several or separate pleas or answers by two or more disjointly; the destruction of the unity of interest in a joint estate.
  2. The act of severing, or the state of being severed; partition; separation.


time out, ease out, give someone notice, break of serve, bonus, pause, there are plenty more fish in the sea, jailbreak, respite, interruption, suspension, intermission, expenses, assemble, disruption, division, severing, parting, breakout, separation, pink slip, expense account, geological fault, breach, dismiss, flexible benefits, gaolbreak, commission, lay off, split, get the boot, fracture, fault, shift, recess, double time, split, partition, flow-on, disunion, retire, detachment, fire, combat pay, divorce, breaking, prison-breaking, prisonbreak, benefit, rift, separation, pension off, disjunction, discharge, rupture, breakup, divorcement, disseverment, division, good luck, part, pay off, breakage, open frame, gap, repudiation, company car, break, disjuncture, falling out, disseverance, faulting, happy chance.

Usage examples: