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Definition of shake up:

Synonyms for shake up:

ignite, chairmanship, startle, invoke, put forward, perk up, plump up, charge up, inflame, chill, flummox, devil, vex, agitate, stir up, set off, budge, annoy, judder, frighten, mystify, bewilder, irritate, induce, intimidate, wind up, sex, clash, incite, stick, commove, energise, nonplus, beat, throw off, cause, rag, stupefy, rush, jar, sway, adventurism, wake, collide, administrative, crisis management, campaign, conjure, trouble, reorganize, reorganisation, worry, interrupt, bother, baffle, have, perplex, terrify, succuss, unsettle, crusade, dumbfound, evoke, shake off, call down, turn on, arouse, nettle, upset, disturb, rock, scare, stimulate, heat, jolt, puzzle, charge, make, admin, critical-path method, get at, escape from, excite, fluff up, get, fire up, instigate, press, alarm, call forth, touch, panic, reorganization, amaze, CSR, shakeup, energize, shake, reorganise, didder, shift, administer, gravel, push, chafe, appall, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, bring up, raise, hasten, get to, brace, overturn, rouse, administration, regroup, foment, nark, floor, stir, fight, rile, conjure up, raise up, pose, bump around, provoke.