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Definition of shaky:

  1. Easily shaken; tottering; unsound; as, a shaky constitution; shaky business credit.
  2. Full of shakes or cracks; cracked; as, shaky timber.
  3. Shaking or trembling; as, a shaky spot in a marsh; a shaky hand.


infectious, illiterate, shuddery, unstable, yielding, change, brittle, infirm, wonky, wobbling, lost, doubtable, incredible, cockeyed, problematic, repetition, on the rocks, strong, touch-and-go, trembly, askew, awry, unsuspecting, unworkable, sick, aquiver, frail, flimsy, unacquainted, jittery, shuddering, unsure, lopsided, unsound, fishy, uninformed, disadvantageous, unsteady, suspect, parlous, unconvincing, quaking, friable, trembling, tenuous, crumbly, worse, tottery, debile, vulnerable, quivery, feeble, unbelievable, faltering, tremulant, insecure, settled, breakable, dubitable, unknowing, likely, decrepit, quaky, ill, dubious, flexible, shivery, precarious, unconceivable, tremulous, improbable, debatable, skew-whiff, uncompetitive, sapless, delicately balanced, implausible, dodgy, not have a hope in hell, inconceivable, fragile, hazy, doubtful, perilous, atremble, ignorant, weakly, unwell, disputable, uncertain, rachitic, weak, firm, unhealthy, quivering, unsubstantial, shivering, thin, tottering, queer, questionable, unpromising, quavery, twittery, unfit, unfamiliar, wobbly, equivocal, shaking, ill-informed, unreliable, unsettled, unsafe, shady, rickety, suspicious, failing, hopeless.

Usage examples: