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Definition of shape up:

Synonyms for shape up:

make headway, elevate, go on, march on, approach, mount, bestride, get along with, ease off, work out, come on, work, recover, develop, change for the better/worse, do, if someone isn't careful, expand, come a long way, move on, get on, jump, come up, come along, pull ahead, come out, function, board, (is that) understood?, build, advance, near, climb on, get on with, observe, draw near, behave, enlarge, fare, be on, hop on, or else, draw close, look up, raise, supercharge, come, show up, get along, just (you) wait (until/till), conform, break someone's neck, senesce, mind, boost, encourage, on/under pain of something, further, age, come off, prosper, gain ground, mature, refine, upgrade, maturate, improve, get ahead, obey, work up, win, come near, turn up, gain, throw out, make out, go up, take off, don't even think about/of doing something, bring forward, appear, jump on, kick upstairs, progress, watch it, promote, bear fruit, build up, mount up, do you want something?, catch up, surface, sharpen, pass on, what's your problem?, set ahead, pick up.