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Definition of shower:

  1. A copious supply bestowed.
  2. A fall or rain or hail of short duration; sometimes, but rarely, a like fall of snow.
  3. One who shows or exhibits.
  4. That which resembles a shower in falling or passing through the air copiously and rapidly.
  5. That which shows; a mirror.
  6. To bestow liberally; to destribute or scatter in undance; to rain.
  7. To rain in showers; to fall, as in a hower or showers.
  8. To water with a shower; to t copiously with rain.


boiler room, B and S, washing, chamber, drumbeat, cubicle, flurry, block party, bombardment, descend, lavish, come down, salvo, bathtub, dewdrop, rainfall, lower, dishpan, downpour, barrage, shower bath, burst, rain, delouse, fusillade, mist, douche, shower stall, drop, bathe, exhibitor, bombard, bubble bath, blowout, feast, all-nighter, curtain, bidet, bachelor party, drumfire, antechamber, slip, afterparty, complex, hand, yield, clean up, pepper, rain shower, plummet, heap, fall, hand over, concentration, ablutions, baby shower, plunge, bachelorette party, blitz, basin, hot tub, bash, control room, Jacuzzi, big, changing room, bonanza, bath, cornucopia, cloudburst, blizzard, drizzle, band, banquet, avalanche, booth, airlock, mudbath, lose your balance/footing, B.O., blitzkrieg, anteroom, atrium, shower down, cascade, distribute, volley, body odor, attack, go down, dew, acid rain, storm, cannonade, exhibitioner, part with, hail.

Usage examples: