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Definition of shrew:

  1. Any small insectivore of the genus Sorex and several allied genera of the family Sorecidae. In form and color they resemble mice, but they have a longer and more pointed nose. Some of them are the smallest of all mammals.
  2. Originally, a brawling, turbulent, vexatious person of either sex, but now restricted in use to females; a brawler; a scold.
  3. To beshrew; to curse.
  4. Wicked; malicious.


black bear, vixen, critic, angora, beldame, defamer, dragon lady, praise, wet blanket, calumniator, siren, detractor, bighorn sheep, harpy, purist, muckraker, harridan, scold, virago, spitfire, she-devil, reviler, scourge, fury, fury, dragon, hell cat, shrewmouse, carper, termagant, stickler, badger, hothead, Kate the Shrew, madcap, Xanthippe, nag, vituperator, diva, bat, perfectionist, grinch, anteater, virago, tigress, backbiter, scold, battle-ax, fishwife, fire-eater.

Usage examples: