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Definition of shrill:

  1. A shrill sound.
  2. Acute; sharp; piercing; having or emitting a sharp, piercing tone or sound; - said of a sound, or of that which produces a sound.
  3. To utter an acute, piercing sound; to sound with a sharp, shrill tone; to become shrill.
  4. To utter or express in a shrill tone; to cause to make a shrill sound.


high-pitched, sharp-worded, clamorous, noisy, discordant, earsplitting, blaring, continuant, fricative, pipe, clanging, shrilly, shrewd, crisp, sounds, sharp, discriminating, pipe up, shriek, thin, sibilant, piping, clamant, piercing, keen, incisive, penetrative, high, cacophonous, blatant, clangorous, piping, shrieky, metallic, loud, spirant, vociferous, tart, abrupt, precipitous, acuate, knifelike, deafening, screech, astute, needlelike.

Usage examples: