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Definition of shy:

  1. A side throw; a throw; a fling.
  2. A sudden start aside, as by a horse.
  3. Cautious; wary; suspicious.
  4. Easily frightened; timid; as, a shy bird.
  5. Inadequately supplied; short; lacking; as, the team is shy two players.
  6. Reserved; coy; disinclined to familiar approach.
  7. To start suddenly aside through fright or suspicion; - said especially of horses.
  8. To throw sidewise with a jerk; to fling; as, to shy a stone; to shy a slipper.


incertain, big, self-effacing, blench, timorous, faint-hearted, short, wary, cringe, wanting, quail, unconfident, retiring, under, backward, excess, deficient, approach, wince, restraint, shrink, faint, flinch, start, insufficient, unsure, timid, fainthearted, recoil, diffident, inadequate, scarce.

Usage examples: