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Definition of sick:

  1. Affected with disease of any kind; ill; indisposed; not in health. See the Synonym under Illness.
  2. Affected with, or attended by, nausea; inclined to vomit; as, sick at the stomach; a sick headache.
  3. Corrupted; imperfect; impaired; weakned.
  4. Having a strong dislike; disgusted; surfeited; - with of; as, to be sick of flattery.
  5. Sickness.
  6. To fall sick; to sicken.


sanctify, ghastly, gag, gouty, broken down, hurtle, dispirited, queasy, disconsolate, ramble, stern, delirious, feverish, shed, in poor health, livery, unrelenting, carsick, in a bad way, tired of, unhinged, afflicted, incurable, nauseating, light-headed, wander, frail, infirm, sepulchral, puke, charnel, peaked, diabetic, inexorable, stray, feeble, sorry, mould, draw, inauspicious, unforgiving, excited, tramp, dy, hallucinating, not so hot, regorge, swan, low, anemic, roam, huffy, sick-abed, dour, offensive, wild, put, imbalanced, suffering, bronchitic, ominous, light, black, range, fed up, softheaded, spew, down in the mouth, maladjusted, displeased, toot, poorly, consumptive, rabid, morbid, delicate, dizzy, rove, imperfect, sore, toss, disgorge, sickly, eruct, hospitalized, ptyalize, on the blink, cast, throw away, coming down with, stricken, morbid, couch, sneezy, aguish, cat, physically run down, under medication, ailing, disordered, rickety, confined, indisposed, convalescent, distracted, distressed, demented, bedfast, low-spirited, be sick, macabre, quarantined, regurgitate, frame, disturbed, spastic, unwholesome, impaired, relentless, vile, feeling poorly, throw off, grisly, crazy, gaga, looking green about the gills, feverous, barf, unquiet, woozy, mold, grim, wan, upchuck, ill, tubercular, depressed, liverish, menstruating, dyspeptic, roll, drab, hurl, health, contrive, dreary, laid low, cast off, weary, sickening, pale, good, sickish, spit, unwell, drift, uneasy, declining, blare, bedrid, green, laid up, retch, beep, dismal, disgusted, dingy, drop, chuck, frantic, nauseated, cronk, heave, tired, at a low ebb, ditch, mordant, gruesome, noisome, dark, recovering, honk, pallid, half-baked, throw up, throw, spew out, swooning, upset, insane, dotty, airsick, unrestrained, gloomy, down, blue, sick as a dog, lightheaded, loathsome, giddy, weak, forbidding, flush, unhealed, pat, project, anxious, seasick, ptyalise, under the weather, funny, purify, out of kilter, nervous, screwball, disquieted, invalid, bilious, redact, claxon, tuberculous, spue, scour, worried, faint, drear, vomit up, purge, vagabond, unbalanced, brainsick, reproduce, bedridden, shake off, harebrained, unappeasable, scrofulous, downcast, distempered, downhearted, vertiginous, spill, sick of, mad, vomit.

Usage examples: