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Definition of sickening:

  1. Causing sickness; specif., causing surfeit or disgust; nauseating.
  2. of Sicken


repellent, nauseous, distasteful, smelly, despicable, foetid, funky, stinking, vile, yucky, sick, unsavoury, uneasy, violative, unworthy, nauseated, foul-smelling, revolting, disgustful, nasty, pain, repulsive, offensive, foul, wretched, nervous, dysphemistic, anxious, unwholesome, worthless, sickish, unquiet, nauseating, loathsome, putrid, wicked, slimy, fetid, unsavory, like, atrocious, queasy, ill-scented, disgusting, loathly, horrid, noisome, repellant, repelling, skanky, ugly.

Usage examples: