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Definition of sidetrack:

  1. Hence, fig., to divert or reduce to a position or condition that is relatively secondary or subordinate in activity, importance, effectiveness, or the like; to switch off; to turn aside, as from a purpose.
  2. To transfer to a siding from a main line of track.


start, diverge, track, leave, set off, quit, take off, put off, deviate, detain, start out, straggle, prolong the agony, connection, sprawl, baggage room, take leave, branch line, rig, keep someone waiting, cutting, set forth, pull up stakes, vary, artery, shut, part, siding, set back, path, go, extension, turnout, depart, digress, feeder, stray, go away, buffer, divagate, delay, getup, outturn, keep, stall, wander, output, the Channel Tunnel, set out, railroad siding, widening, outfit, hold up.

Usage examples: