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Definition of signalize:

  1. To communicate with by means of a signal; as, a ship signalizes its consort.
  2. To indicate the existence, presence, or fact of, by a signal; as, to signalize the arrival of a steamer.
  3. To make signal or eminent; to render distinguished from what is common; to distinguish.


mark, identify, acclaim, praise, signal, make out, describe, point, comment, spot, tell, singularize, bless, bespeak, secernate, secern, pick out, distinguish, call attention, remark, individualize, severalise, separate, contract, motion, sign on, remonstrate, express, subscribe, betoken, indicate, point out, characterize, tell apart, elevate, honor, exalt, ennoble, sign up, discriminate, discover, applaud, same, ratify, key out, gesture, name, recognize, differentiate, discern, respect, notice, set apart, severalize, signalise, sign, key, recognise, gesticulate, lionize.

Usage examples: