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Definition of sinew:

  1. A tendon or tendonous tissue. See Tendon.
  2. Fig.: That which supplies strength or power.
  3. Muscle; nerve.
  4. To knit together, or make strong with, or as with, sinews.


vim, muscular tissue, ponderosity, musculus, potence, fiber, strength, muscularity, adductor, abductor, biceps, might, tendon, potency, force, vigor, ciliary muscle, muscleman, puissance, endurance, abs, fitness, heftiness, power, erector muscle, cartilage, ponderousness, firepower, heft, disk, massiveness, brawniness, strong, horsepower, brawn, virility, resistance, athleticism, Achilles tendon, thew, muscle, vigour, powerfulness, energy, ligament.

Usage examples: