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Definition of skeletal:

  1. Pertaining to the skeleton.


superfluous, raddled, fused, extensive, impecunious, senseless, descriptive, anorexic, pointless, squandered, boney, double-jointed, gangling, lean, bony, pelvic, broken, broad-brush, shrunken, adenoidal, edited, penurious, lumbar, gaunt, cadaveric, general, careworn, tired, haggard, costal, penniless, break, arthritic, purposeless, be (all) skin and bone(s), cadaverous, osteal, broad, underweight, emaciated, pinched, atrophied, diminished, jointed, better, osseous, thin, blow-by-blow, 101, nasal, otiose, compound fracture, elaborate, hard up, detailed, wasted, skin and bones, worn, drawn.

Usage examples: