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Definition of skeptic:

  1. A doubter as to whether any fact or truth can be certainly known; a universal doubter; a Pyrrhonist; hence, in modern usage, occasionally, a person who questions whether any truth or fact can be established on philosophical grounds; sometimes, a critical inquirer, in opposition to a dogmatist.
  2. A person who doubts the existence and perfections of God, or the truth of revelation; one who disbelieves the divine origin of the Christian religion.
  3. Alt. of Skeptical
  4. One who is yet undecided as to what is true; one who is looking or inquiring for what is true; an inquirer after facts or reasons.


materialist, profaner, questioner, anti-Christian, pagan, sceptic, scoffer, apostate, freethinker, Pyrrhonist, doubter, blasphemer, misbeliever, deist, latitudinarian, somatist, rationalist, belief, positivist, nihilist.

Usage examples: