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Definition of skunk:

  1. Any one of several species of American musteline carnivores of the genus Mephitis and allied genera. They have two glands near the anus, secreting an extremely fetid liquid, which the animal ejects at pleasure as a means of defense.
  2. In games of chance and skill: To defeat ( an opponent) ( as in cards) so that he fails to gain a point, or ( in checkers) to get a king.


do-nothing, locoweed, barf, eatage, spate, gauge, cannabis sativa, fundament, lemon, foumart, pitch, stern, muckle, tramp, lot, stagger, lowlife, mourning band, flowerpot, buns, poop, potful, fume, bullet, fitch, informer, rear end, pile, mess, bay window, hummer, the skinny, booby, raft, foulmart, peck, supergrass, behind, crazyweed, stool, low-down, vomit, pasture, tush, sight, vomitus, reel, potentiometer, sens, plenty, hind end, strikebreaker, bum, grass, ganja, hindquarters, layabout, dumbbell, rear, tail end, commode, slew, fastball, mint, polecat, forage, cannabis, rat, shift, heater, heap, keel, prat, backside, squealer, dummy, stack, throne, idler, lurch, musk turtle, great deal, seat, betrayer, hobo, batch, boob, sess, scab, so-and-so, dirty dog, deal, pot, smoke, crapper, dope, marihuana, blabber, good deal, mickle, buttocks, arse, passel, green goddess, pasturage, git, swag, rascal, shutout, potty, tooshie, potbelly, rogue, prowl, crumb, bottom, wad, puke, butt, loafer, hatful, cola, stinkpot, mountain, tidy sum, smoking, toilet, pinhead, corporation, blackleg, gage, Mary Jane, mass, tail, nates, careen, stinker, flock, weed, jackpot, quite a little, kitty, scoundrel, rump, posterior, crazy weed, keister, roll of tobacco, fanny, derriere, tummy, wood pussy, scum bag, marijuana, can, rotter.

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