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Definition of slab:

  1. A thin piece of anything, especially of marble or other stone, having plane surfaces.
  2. An outside piece taken from a log or timber in sawing it into boards, planks, etc.
  3. That which is slimy or viscous; moist earth; mud; also, a puddle.
  4. The slack part of a sail.
  5. The wryneck.
  6. Thick; viscous.


brownstone, crumb, piece, casket, slice, rod, bier, box, thing, burial, cake, adobe, stick, can, consumption, bitumen, bowlful, cutting, shaft, chunk, caulk, cement, c., bite, cremains, bar, bury, coffin, cortege, part, bit, bed, asbestos, ashes, aggregate, chip, cremate, board, batch, bowl, boarding, bloom, brick, lump.

Usage examples: